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Medical experts reveal interesting facts about the penis that men and women will find educational — and surprising.

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The average American man’s penis is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect, a new survey of 1,661 men finds. The study, published online July 10 in

penis size. Study Says Men Used to Have Penis Bones, but Then We Got Married. By Dan Roe. British researchers say evolutionary monogamy is the reason you lost your bone.

The authors concludes that past research has shown 85 percent of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, but only 55 percent of the men were satisfied

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These little-known facts about penis size — from when size really matters to the country with the most penis enlargements — will blow your mind away.

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The most accurate measurement of human penis size can be derived from several readings at different times since there is natural variability in size

The Best Sex Positions For Every Penis Size Deliver maximum pleasure for both partners with these 4 options By The editors of Women’s Health Magazine June 7, 2014

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Are you wondering how your penis (or your partner’s) measures up against the average size? We trawl the best studies to give the conclusive answer.

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Story highlights. Penis size is a common, but often misplaced, medical concern for men; The average man’s penis length is 5.17 inches erect; Urban myths

Life Cycle of a Penis. Experts explain how a penis changes in size, appearance, and sexual function with age.

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